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How to make Money Online for free?Without Investment?

Report : 1
This is my 1st report about on my work.In this i'll tell u some websites that are use-ful for make money online for free . In the future i'll  continuous  my work for Users who want to earn online money . So suggest me for my work and feedback me so i'll able to know about your thinking and what u want .Now Start first you need  Alertpay acccount for receiving payments  it is also free.Complete the below steps for creating Alertpay account.

About this service:-It is PTC(Pay to click)service .let us suppose if
You click 10 ads per day = $ 1
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $ 10
Your daily earnings = $ 11
Your weekly earnings = $ 77
Your monthly earnings = $ 330

1. Click here  and a new window will open 
2.Click on Sign Up.
3.Choose Peronal Pro(from account types)
4.Fill the required information
5.After completion a validation e-mail sent to your e-mail account .
6.Go to your Email inbox and activate your alert-pay account by clicking on blue links sent by alert pay.
7.Remember the E-mail that you was used for creating Alertpay account .


1.Now click here 

2.Click on Register (left side in boxes )

3.Now fill your information.(don't erase mm82355 from refer)

4.In Alert pay E-mail put your Alertpay login email for receiving payments.

5.Complete your Registration.

6.After compilation Click on Login (Left side in box)

7.After login click on surfads .

8.Then you'll see 10 navy blue links.

9.Click on 1st links then a new tab or window will open .

10.Then you'll see reverse counting of time from 20sec on left top of new screen.

11.After Time compilation u'll see done mark on screen.

12.Complete the all the navy blue links 1 wise 1 then after it click on surf ads(left side on box)then u'll see your account balance is 1$.

Note:Remember only one time visit blue link in one day .


How to convert other webtraffic to your site traffic?

This artical  tell you about how to get free traffic from others websites .When you surf on the web based site an social site like: facebook ,twitter,orkut etc. then the first thing you need   to do always use your website name(where applicable) otherwise write it to your activity and about me box,why i am telling it to you, because when ever see your profile he/she see first thing is about me and if he/she see your website then he/she also want to see your site and then he/she click on it to know about it .In big social network sites like facebook there are 100 or 1000 of people see your profile daily,and if they click on your site then you recive about 1000 visitors and more than it for free.Other way is commenting on websites ,whenever you see other  website then you see lot of comments on those sites with there websites,this is very good technique for advertise your website.suppose you download a specific template  or software from site and you commented on site , when third person go to download this template or software he/she also want to know about other users who also use it and download it ,if you place your website name with them then you also get traffic from them,suppose 1000 users see your comment and website ,average 500 from them would be also  click on your  website then you can recieve this traffis for free .Another and last is when you signup for any website always fill your website name on it because webmaster of  those sites  also check there users websites for ,fullfill there requirements by seeing there websites,they also want to increase there bussiness by seeing your websites .

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How to create a Facebook sharing,like on ur blog or website

You see on many websites and u see the like box or share box on them this is very good technique for got more traffic.this article tell u about creation about that types of boxes . click on create page
and  then select one option and then fill up options and then click on create page after this you see ur page and then click on home button top on the row right side and then u will see the new option ur profile page at left mid side Adverts and Pages click on it then u see the thumbnail of ur created paget u also will see the edit page option bottom in the box and click on it then u see the option marketing click and then click on get a badge and choose as you want and you can also modify them and click get code and paste code where you want to place box.

Google's Adsense

Google's Adsense is most Powerful site for Publisher because the price the give to the Publisher is high  compare to the other Adsense sites.Want to a publisher of Google adsense you have to approve your site first from google adsense by filling the signup form of Adsense in google than they take a 2 to 3 business day to look up and check your website for there Policies if your site have the all the features like much  traffic upto 10,000 or more than a day then they approve your application and give You chance to make money from google ads by displaying there ads on your site  but the most negative point for you is that if u doing any mistake  in your website ike clicking ur own ads and force another member to click onyour ads then they disable your account for life time and you don't participate in your google's adsense in future foor your site and your e-mail that  is used in google's adsense account but they give you another way of re-enabling your adsense account by sending google to e-mail by filling special questions that they ask you,but there are less chance of re-enabling your account so always  keep in mind if You have approved account do not click on your own adds .Otherwise you can make much more money from your site by placing ads on your site from google.if you want to be a publisher of google's adsense then click below on sign up.

Chitika Premium for Publishers

Chitika is Powerful website for Publishers and Advertiser Beacause there are many options for publisher for making money from there site an blog chitika also provide a huge tools for your site like status and other If you want to become publisher of Chitika then click link below 
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Seo Book Download

Seo(Search Engine optimization)

This document is intended for webmasters and site owners who want to investigate the issues of seo (search engine optimization) and promotion of their resources. It is mainly aimed at beginners, although I hope that experienced webmasters will also find something new and interesting here. There are many articles on seo on the Internet and this text is an attempt to gather some of this information into a single consistent document.
   Information presented in this text can be divided into several parts:
   - Clear-cut seo recommendations, practical guidelines.
   - Theoretical information that we think any seo specialist should know.
   - Seo tips, observations, recommendations from experience, other seo sources, etc.

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How do i show my latest tweet in the header?
Enter your twitter ID in Softy Options page in wp-admin
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Enter the number of ads you would like in softy options page and then go to 125×125 ads page and enter the url’s
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Enter your Adsense ID in softy options page

Free preiumum account part-6

List of all Torrents mixed together ( Free Account Login Details )

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