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How to convert other webtraffic to your site traffic?

This artical  tell you about how to get free traffic from others websites .When you surf on the web based site an social site like: facebook ,twitter,orkut etc. then the first thing you need   to do always use your website name(where applicable) otherwise write it to your activity and about me box,why i am telling it to you, because when ever see your profile he/she see first thing is about me and if he/she see your website then he/she also want to see your site and then he/she click on it to know about it .In big social network sites like facebook there are 100 or 1000 of people see your profile daily,and if they click on your site then you recive about 1000 visitors and more than it for free.Other way is commenting on websites ,whenever you see other  website then you see lot of comments on those sites with there websites,this is very good technique for advertise your website.suppose you download a specific template  or software from site and you commented on site , when third person go to download this template or software he/she also want to know about other users who also use it and download it ,if you place your website name with them then you also get traffic from them,suppose 1000 users see your comment and website ,average 500 from them would be also  click on your  website then you can recieve this traffis for free .Another and last is when you signup for any website always fill your website name on it because webmaster of  those sites  also check there users websites for ,fullfill there requirements by seeing there websites,they also want to increase there bussiness by seeing your websites .

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All right.
Your tips are well enough to know about seo for both new and old professionals.
I want to see such lucreative SEO information time to time.


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